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Picking the right banking rails can be tricky. We know, because we’ve worked with most of them! More often than not, banking rails simply give you access to virtual bank accounts and api style banking services. You’ll need a competent developer to setup reconciliation platforms, administrative components, transaction monitoring and more… That’s where we come in.
Through our years of experience integrating businesses into API Banking services, we can better recommend certain providers, while also getting your integration up and running faster and more accurate than ever before.

We build solutions for leading Australian payment providers

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Choose the right payment provider,
build the right product.

From deciding which banking provider will best suit your business, to figuring out what programmatic API services you’ll really need to ensure your business is fast and accurate. Consult with Instant Pay and discover the right solution.

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Reconciliation, NPP, Payto, direct debits, Fiat-to-crypto.

We use all available toolsets from leading payment providers in Australia to offer development services for self reconciling inbound payments, sending money via API, PayTo/Enhanced Direct Debit, automatic refunds & customer assigned payments.

Digital events actionable from receipt of money are limited only by your imagination. We can develop your online infrastructure, create a scalable cost effective hosting solution, provide security modules & much more.



Server scalability, monitoring, post launch support.

We can help launch your product and provide post-launch support to ensure your infrastructure meets demand and stays online. We build payment infrastructure ensuing fast load time, replicating servers and multi-zone compatibility - keeping your application uptime 100%.

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