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E-commerce Integration

Instant Pay is made for ecommerce. If your online shop has an average sale above $100 and you’re looking for a more cost effective way of accepting payments, Instant Pay could work perfectly for you. We’ll simply integrate your website securely and robustly, to pull basic sales data into the Instant Pay platform. Your checkout users will then be taken to our system to complete their payment. Once successful payment is received, we’ll pass this information back to your website, completing the sale.

We don’t require your customers to setup a profile or provide any personal information to complete the sale. We do require their mobile number (Australian) to verify their transactional use only. Their mobile number is also used to communicate successful or unsuccessful payments.

Business users of the Instant Pay platform also receive access to the Instant Pay Console, which gives reporting and tools for all transactions that flow through the system.

Built for the digital world with real world invoicing

Instant Pay will continue to find exciting new ways to integrate and offer advanced payment and remittance services. You can already use Instant Pay in the following ways:


XERO alternative payment provider

You can now send invoices and request immediate payment, using XERO. Contact us today to complete your XERO integration.

Request Payment feature, inbuilt to Instant Pay

All business users of Instant Pay have access to our Request Payment feature. All you require is the end user/payer mobile number.

Make Instant Pay part of your business money workflow. With your revenue received quicker than ever before and with a fixed fee platform, you’ll be positioned perfectly into the future.