Instant Pay can reduce your costs dramatically.
With one simple pricing model, easy on-boarding & hands on support, the choice is instantly simple.

Transaction fee

$2.50 / transaction

  • A fixed fee* of just $2.50 per incoming and outgoing transaction.
  • *Volume based discounts may be applicable, depending on your business.

Monthly Fee

$99 / mo

  • Shopping cart integration.
  • Reconciliation tools.
  • Request payment from anyone.
  • Dedicated support.


We’re the best priced fixed fee payment and remitter provider in Australia that can offer incoming and outgoing NPP payments via API.

Compare Instant Pay with the competition. Click below to view comparison tables.

Instant Pay

Fixed fee of $2.50

Same day payout via NPP with reconciliation export tools

Simple bank transfer from the payer’s account

Payer does not require an account

Granular payer details (name, mobile, BSB and ACC, timestamp)

NPP incoming and outgoing

Redundancy payment measures built in (part payment, over payment, late payment)

Detailed transaction and fee dashboard

Custom embed on-page payment tools

Manual payment request feature

Send money on demand feature via NPP with remit

Remit to any function (web, crm, wherever you require)

PayID compatible

Multi-day payment compatible

Split payments with friends, coming soon.


Variable fee up to $3.30

Direct debit and awkward use of bank details

No granular details of the payer

NPP incoming (not outgoing)

No redundancy payment measures (if user pays wrong amount)

Credit Cards

Merchant rate costs from 1-3.8%

Insecure. Payer has to input their card details into the internet

Average time to payout is 2.5 days

Subject to fraud and charge backs


Fixed fee of 30c + 3-7%

Average time to payout is 5 working days

Payer requires an Afterpay account

Other NPP API providers

Huge onboarding and ongoing costs

No payment redundancy methods