Real Time Payments

Instant Pay is built upon the NPP, the New Payments Platform in Australia. The NPP gives us the ability to process inbound and outbound cleared funds transactions within seconds. This can fundamentally change the way online business currently operates. Business can now save up to 3.5% normally absorbed by credit card merchants for processing an online checkout transaction. Instant Pay can process real time bank transfers directly into your online checkout environment.

Use Case - Incoming money

Many of our customers offer Instant Pay as a method of payment on their ecommerce checkouts, XERO invoices or Over the Counter and telephone sales. The process is very simple and extremely secure. No more taking Credit Card details over insecure websites, or over the phone.

Keep more margin from your sale, choose Instant Pay for receiving money for your business.

Use Case - Outbound money

Some of our customers also use us to send monies outbound to their customers. This can save them much time in processing payments, ensuring the customer can receive cleared funds into their Australian bank account within seconds. We can also help automate outbound money sending, making your money flow even more efficient.

A brilliant way to pay

Instant Pay Real Time Payments are a brilliant way to receive and send cleared funds within any business. In a time where more and more consumers are moving away from using credit cards due to fraud and overspending, Instant Pay can give your customers the ability to use real money.