Spend Safer

With Instant Pay, your money is controlled by you. Billions of dollars every year is wasted on credit card fraud. It is truly amazing that we’ve convinced an entire generation of online shoppers to input their credit card details into a seemingly insecure system. We strive to make online shopping secure, while also giving you the power to spend the money you have. Instant Pay removes the need for inputting credit card details completely.

woman using Instant Pay drinking coffee

Money in the bank

We’re all for spending the money you hold, not relying on credit facilities and debt to pay for products. Instant Pay gives you the ability to use the money in your bank account to pay for purchases through websites, from invoices and payment requests. By allowing you to make these payments from your bank account, you’re removing the need for a credit card completely - and it all happens in an instant.

No more merchant fees

We all hate paying additional merchant fees on top of our purchases. With most credit card merchant fees now being added to the checkout costs, users can be expected to pay an average of $20 for merchant costs (for an average bill of $600). Instant Pay operates on a fixed fee of $2.50, ensuring that moving money doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Security first and foremost

All sensitive information (such as bank account numbers) are encrypted to ensure the highest level of security. When you send money to a merchant, rest assured the money is going to the right place.

woman using Instant Pay on a laptop