Australia’s only bank transfer automatic reconciliation plugin. Save thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees by offering instant bank transfer as a preferred method of payment through your website!

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Launching 2023


Fixed fee transactions,
just $1.50.

If your average website basket sale is more than $100, then it makes absolute sense to move from credit card transactions to fixed fee instant bank transfers. Instant Pay transactions only cost $1.50 per inbound transaction, regardless of the total amount your customer is spending.

Fixed fee transactions.

Instant bank transfer.

No credit card fraud.

No chargebacks.


No more credit card fraud, refunds or bounce backs.

credit card alternative

Tired of credit card fraud ruining your party? Bounce backs from credit card transactions getting you down?

Instant Pay works on real time cleared funds, which you’ll receive into your legacy business bank account within 24 hours. Even better, if a customer disputes your product or service, this money is not automatically refunded, they’ll need to make contact with your business to escalate the dispute to obtain the refund.



Source account info, auto-reconciliation.

Instant bank transfers provide you with additional transparency for who is actually paying the bill. And Australian bank account holders are the only users that can pay via this platform. We simply reconcile this payment and mark the web checkout as paid. Fast, simple and for a fixed fee!


$1.50 per transaction
No monthly access fees
Registration fee of $99

Launching 2023
We’re launching in Australia in 2023. And if you register your interest to use Instant Pay today, we’ll ensure your registration fee is 50% discounted when we launch.
No need to pay anything today, just register your details and we’ll notify you when our system is ready to go. And you’ll save 50% off our normal registration fee (normally $99).

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Launching 2023