Real Time Payment Integration Specialists
Get paid by instant bank transfer.
Let your customers pay their online checkout via instant bank transfer in Australia. Give your customers a faster and safer way to pay.
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Reconcile, instantly.
Australia’s only self reconciling API payments service, all on the NPP.

Receive customer payments via instant bank transfer in Australia, saving you thousands in merchant fees. Instant Pay is perfect for you. We can integrate into any web or app based platform your business operates in.

Features of Instant Pay in your checkout:
Low fixed fees per transaction
Say goodbye to chargebacks and credit card fraud
Cleared funds within seconds
Programmatically send/receive money in Australia

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Australian financial review
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Get paid
Get paid on desktop or mobile.

Serve payment instructions directly on your website, on mobile or desktop. We’ll email and SMS payment instructions to your customer as well as managing overpayments, underpayments and non-reconciled refunds.

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We balance the payments for you

Once a payment is complete, we'll automatically reconcile it against your invoicing platform. Money received through your Instant Pay platform can be automatically dispatched to your legacy bank account, or kept in your API banking account for fast access.

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Custom Integration
Any website, any App.

Is your business looking to integrate with one of multiple Australian payment rails providers?

If you’re using a different website platform or CRM, we can also help. Instant Pay builds custom payment solutions for a variety of platforms and payment rails. We can help your business

  • Receive and reconcile inbound payments in Australia
  • Send payments via API
  • Receive via an enhanced direct debit solution
  • Build transactional monitoring solutions
  • Design solutions to help with KYC
instant pay payment page example