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INSTANT builds custom payment solutions for a variety of platforms and payment rails.

integrate to your platform

Integrate to your platform

Programmatic inbound and outbound transactions.

Monitor transactions

Monitor transactions

Measure your transactions against risk, history and other indicators.



Integrate KYC information into your customer transaction flow.

Looking to integrate with one of multiple Australian payment rails providers?

Instant builds custom payment solutions for a variety of platforms and payment rails. We can help your business.

“ We know the payment rails market very well and can help you navigate all the possibilities.”
Integrate with one of multiple australian payment rails providers

Auto Reconciliation

We build solutions that auto reconcile against invoices, purchase orders or simply against a customer. We can also help manage under and over payments, as well as build automatic refund protocol to your requirements.

Transaction Monitoring

Are you operating in a high-risk industry and need to monitor your transactions?

INSTANT builds market leading transaction monitoring tools to give you peace of mind for your measurement and reporting responsibilities.

AUSTRAC now classes a wide range of industries as high risk. If you are a high risk business, you should be monitoring transactions.

Are you monitoring
  • Payment amounts
  • Payment frequency or patterns of transactions
  • Transactions that are sent to or received from a high-risk country
  • Payments that are sent to or received from a person or organisation on a sanctions lists
  • Activities that maybe inconsistent with a customer's risk profile
  • Increased monitoring of higher risk customers
  • Other unexpected account activity from a customer
transaction monitoring

INSTANT highlights suspicious transactions so your business can make informed decisions quickly.

If you have an AML program we can meet your transactional monitoring requirements. If you're updating your AML program regularly, INSTANT can also work with you to update any monitoring of transactions now and into the future.


Custom Rules

INSTANT creates custom rules for your business to catch suspicious transactions.



Setup automatic responses to highlighted transactions.



INSTANT flags suspicious customers and puts the focus on their movements for increased surveillance

Documentation and auditing of processes

Clear documentation of what is being measured transactionally is provided by INSTANT. If your business has a risk assessment officer, or a third-party AML advisor INSTANT can work with them to ensure any automated processes are correct. While INSTANT cannot take responsibility for any AML outcomes or any of your business reporting, we will work closely with you to ensure best outcomes in developing your transactional monitoring processes.

AML and CTF is serious

In many cases high risk industries simply cannot operate unless they have a clear and operative understanding of AML/CTF within their business. If you have not yet considered your responsibilities aroundAML/CTF or you haven't built an AML/CTF program we highly recommend seeking legal advice around this, or begin engaging an expert in AML/CTF for high risk businesses. INSTANT does not provide advice in this area.


KYC Integrations

INSTANT helps with integrating your KYC (Know your customer) functions against your customers in a dynamic and controlled method.

We can help recommend certain KYC providers and also integrate features from KYC software into your customer payments detail. By combining data sets between Transactions, Customers and KYC, INSTANT can better monitor transactions in a real-time environment. AUSTRAC can help provide clear detail on what customer information you must be collecting, as well as what to look out for when onboarding new customers to meet your AML/CTF requirements.


What is INSTANT?

INSTANT is a bespoke software and web development company that specialise in integrating banking rails into ecommerce based businesses in Australia. INSTANT focuses on NPP, Direct Entry and Direct Debit payment methods.

What is the NPP?

The new payments platform (NPP) is an initiative of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) that will enable faster, more flexible payments in Australia. It is based on similar platforms that have been introduced in other countries, such as the UK and Singapore. The NPP will allow consumers and businesses to make real-time payments between accounts at different financial institutions. It will also enable the development of new products and services, such as person-to-person payments and instant payment notifications.

How much does INSTANT integrations cost?

Integration pricing can vary, depending on the complexity of your project. Be sure to discuss your needs with us and we can quote on these requirements.

What if a Payer uses a wrong reference in the transaction?

INSTANT software may still be able to reconcile this payment, depending on your integration. However if a payment is not recognised, it will simply be refunded to the Payer who made the payment.

What is API banking?

API banking is also referred to as programmatic banking. With every transaction, a notification or web hook containing information about the event is included. This information contains payment details, Payer details and other rich data.

What is KYC?

KYC or know your customer is a process to correctly identify a merchants customers to minimise fraud and money laundering. It helps provide a clear trail of responsibility for both the merchant and the customer. High risk businesses must follow strict KYC processes that could include collecting identification documents at the point of purchase.

How do I use NPP as a Payer?

It’s as simple as making a bank transfer from your internet banking app. The Payer will be issued a PayID and payment instructions to complete their payment. The Merchant then receives the Payer’s payment while also receiving a notification and API web hook that money has been received. This payment is instantly reconciled against an invoice or reference number.

Why would my business use the NPP?

The NPP gives payers/consumers a much more secure online payment option, as well as operating under a fixed fee environment. Comparably, using a credit card online is considered not secure and incurs merchant and consumer fees ranging from 1-3.8% per transaction. Businesses also receive cleared funds in real-time compared to credit cards general dispatch in 1-3 working days.

Is my bank compatible with NPP?

The NPP is compatible with all Australian Banks, though some offer differing NPP payment timeframes. Regardless of a banks timeframe for processing payments, infrastructure that INSTANT can build will reconcile any inbound payment.

What if the Payer pays the wrong amount?

INSTANT software can manage part payments and overpayments. SMS and email can be used to inform the Payer if their transaction is complete. INSTANT software can also refund payments if they don’t reconcile, don’t meet your payment requirements or exceed a time frame requirement that the business sets.

RTGS and incoming international payments

The NPP currently does not support RTGS payments or international incoming payments. This feature may be included from Banking rails in the near future and be referenced as Business NPP.

What is AML/CTF

High risk merchants may have reporting requirements with AUSTRAC, around anti-money laundering and transaction fraud. INSTANT can help identify risk based transactions for you, aiding in your reporting process. Reporting remains the responsibility of the Merchant/business.

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