Real time payments &
Enhanced direct debit.

1. Pay and Get Paid Quickly through the NPP, reconcile your payments instantly with API banking.

2. Reduce your dishonour and fraud rate with our industry leading enhanced direct debit.

We are Australia’s fastest and best priced way to receive real time customer to business payments, manage business to business (B2B) payables and receive recurring direct debits from your customers with enhanced customer information.

Using the New Payments Platform (NPP) and our API banking services, you can reduce your ecommerce merchant costs considerably, while also measuring incoming transactions with ease.

Whether you’re receiving or sending money, Instant Pay is leading the way for fixed fee transactions in Australia.

How much could you save?

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Our Fees vs Credit Card Fees


Instant Pay


credit card


* Compared to 3.8% merchant fee using our Business Tier 2 Plan.

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Made For Print

Instant Pay is perfect for the print industry. With providers either losing out on merchant fees to dispatch goods quickly, or waiting up to 2 days for payments to clear - Instant Pay gives you the power to dispatch quicker, for just $1 per invoice payment.


Made For Bullion

We built Instant Pay, to give bullion dealers in Australia a method to accept payment instantly inline with the gold and silver spot price, for a fixed fee of only $1. Bullion dealers can use Instant Pay via their online shop, instore or via remote payment request.


Made For Crypto

Using Instant Pay, Crypto exchanges and dealers can now take payments for product instantly inline with their live product pricing, for a fixed fee of $1. No more funding of virtual wallets, your customers can purchase against live pricing.


Made For Travel

We’re perfect for Tours, Accommodation and Travel. Give your customers the option to pay with Instant Pay for just $1, regardless of the amount. No more passing on exorbitant credit card merchant fees for using your products and services.


Made For Media

Tired of losing 1% of your media sales to credit card merchant providers? Use Instant Pay and pay only $1 for any invoice payment, online purchase or payment request. Save thousands with fixed fee transactions.


Made For Dispatch

Do you have time sensitive products and constantly waiting for payment to clear before dispatch? Instant Pay is perfect for your business. Payment is received instantly, you and your payer are notified and all for just $1 per transaction.


Made For E-Commerce

Integrate Instant Pay into your online store and save thousands on merchant fees. Our API passes successful payment details back to your website for a seamless engagement. And all for just $1 per transaction.


Made For Direct Debit

Using our enhanced direct debit system, you can drastically reduce your dishonours and fraud rate. Retrieve exact name matches for accounts, account balances and more with Instant Pay Direct Debit.

  • Print
  • Bullion
  • Crypto
  • Travel
  • Media
  • Dispatch
  • E-Commerce
  • Direct Debit

No more
Huge merchant costs
Fraud and dishonours
Failed card transactions

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With a fixed fee* of just $1 per transaction. This is the future of payments.

With businesses paying anywhere from 1%-3.8% per transaction for online sales when using credit cards as their merchant, Instant Pay can reduce your costs dramatically with a fixed fee of $1 per transaction.

We can also attach any API driven event from any purchase made through your virtual account.

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Instant Remittance.
Instant Everything.

Sure, getting your payment instantly is cool, but communicating to your logistics and sales team that you’ve been paid instantly is even better. Integrate payments made into your virtual account into any of your digital workflows.

If you can think any API driven event you’d like executed from a receivable payment, Instant Pay can make it happen.

Sure, getting your payment instantly is cool, but communicating to your logistics and sales team that you’ve been paid instantly is even better.

Dispatch goods quicker, kickstart contracts quicker - in fact do everything in your business quicker, because you’ll be notified the second you’ve been paid.

Integrated With Everything

We’re a technology company, so we understand that you want things to connect together. That’s why our notifications system can be plugged into any system you like. Need help with API integrations? No problem, we can build add-ons and features that can plug into your existing setup.

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